Welcome to the CV, the Teaching Portfolio and video repository for Bruce D. Anderson, PharmD. of the University of Maryland Baltimore School of Pharmacy. The site includes recent teaching materials as well as examples of some media appearances intended to provide viewers access to select information and video content that would otherwise be difficult to share.

Some of the video content on this site requires that users download videos to your local device.  Some video is in Windows Media format and may require a plug-in to view, depending on the tools and platforms you’re using to access the material.  You have my apologies in advance!  Much of this information was created back in the dark ages of digital media…the early to mid 2000’s. The standards for content delivery and tool for content creation were very different at the time.

Many of the videos on this site were created using tools from a company called Serious Magic (SM).  In October 2006, SM was purchased by Adobe and development on the existing products ceased.  I’ve since switched to using different tools for content creation.  I’ve primarily been working with Captivate over the past couple years. The Flash content output from Captivate loads fine from within the University of Maryland Baltimore Blackboard environment. Unfortunately, the Flash content doesn’t seem to work well on this site, so I do not have that content posted.  If you are interested in this most recent content and don’t have access to the Blackboard site, please let me know.

NOTE:  If you are interested in seeing teaching materials that were included in my initial promotion packet, please let me know and they can be made available as well.

If you have any questions, please contact me at