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Lovely place. To the Northwest the Tahoe to Yosemite Trail passes through the interface between granite and volcanic terrain that Brown Bear Pass perfectly splits on its way down to Kennedy Meadows. Chewing Gum Lake is a beautiful little camping spot not far inside the Emigrant Wilderness. If you will be arriving outside of regular business hours, please call ahead to have a permit left in the after-hours pick-up boxes. The Eastern sections of both the Mokelumne and Carson Iceberg Wilderness sit within the Toiyabe National Forest. Main I strongly suggest that you break off from the TYT to connect up with the PCT at Wolf Creek Pass if you are hiking the TYT Southbound out of Lake Alpine. Wilderness Information, Stanislaus National Forest Affiliated groups must camp and travel separately remaining at least one mile apart at all times while in the wilderness to protect solitude and reduce physical impacts. The system disperses visitors throughout the area, providing an opportunity for solitude and reflection. Trail Guide Long and Short Distance See El Dorado NF for TYT route across Northwestern Mokelumne Wilderness and the Toiyabe NF for the route of PCT across the Eastern Mokelumne Wilderness. They don't like to do this anymore, as the Ranger Stations are running real short of money. We also enter the little Southern nub of the Mokelumne Wilderness between Camp Irene to the top of Mount Reba that the Stanislaus National Forest administers. That approach will get you lost. Map / Home Page, Stanislaus NF A quota system is in place for the 45 overnight destination zones from the Friday before Memorial Day through September 30theach year. Here's how you do it: Rather than passing out of Yosemite National Park through Dorothy Lake Pass into the Toiyabe National Forest on your way North to Sonora Pass, you instead turn Northwest through Bond Pass into Emigrant Wilderness, then hike down the TYT route to pick up your re supply at Kennedy Meadows Pack Station, rather than hitch-hike from Sonora Pass. Campfires are prohibited in the Mokelumne Wilderness above 8000 feet and within ¼ mile of the high water line (3949 feet) at Salt Springs Reservoir. Some areas, such as the Emigrant Wilderness, only require permits for overnight trips in the back country. Groups are limited to 12 people and 12 stock in the Mokelumne Wilderness. The Leavitt Lake trailhead offers the shortest access to the Sierra high country of the eastern Emigrant Wilderness and northern Hoover Wilderness Areas. The alternative route for the Southbound Tahoe to Yosemite hiker is to exit Saint Marys Pass and walk the mile East up to Sonora Pass. Highway 108, TW regional map Every time I find great folks manning the counter. On the Western Flank of the Sierra Nevada, from 8 miles North of Highway 4 to well South of Highway 108 down to the Yosemite Boundary, the Stanislaus National Forest holds the biggest section of the Tahoe to Yosemite Trail. High Sierra Backpacking Sonora, CA 95370, Classic National Forest 5-star camping at Upper Buck Lake. I first heard about the area from my parents who backpacked there for weeks at a time hopping from lake to lake. Once you get a idea of how large and diverse these areas are, you will see my logic in always planning trips of no less than five days. South of Camp Irene where we depart Emigrant Wilderness hiking through Bond Pass into Yosemite National Park. The TYT route is much quieter... On the third hand, the Tahoe to Yosemite backpacker is deprived of the experience of hiking through the Toiyabe National Forest, especially the East Fork of the Carson River. In return the PCT hiker will be rewarded by the seclusion of the hike down Highland Creek, the great granite terrain along lower Highland Creek, close-up views of the great volcanic mass of The Dardanelles, and the satisfaction of walking into Lake Alpine. Let's take a closer look at the terrain North of the Stanislaus NF in the El Dorado NF hiking down to the boundary between the El Dorado and Stanislaus National Forests from Highway 88. Climbing into Summit City Creek's great granite canyon is exhilarating. California Wilderness Act of 1984 PUBLIC LAW 98-425—SEPT. Information, Carson Pass on Highway 88 to Mount Reba just North of Lake Alpine on Highway 4. Sanitation Find below a tremendous amount of information about the Stanislaus National Forest. Aspen Meadow Pack Station operates in the Stanislaus National Forest and Emigrant Wilderness under permit from the U.S. Forest Service. Emigrant Wilderness, located south of Hwy. Leavitt Peak Buck: I suspect that this Big Boy was at 11,000 feet to stay above the hunters. So, I was looking for a scenic, uncrowded hike in an area at a relatively low elevation. Well, not a whole lot of the Pacific Crest Trail, unless you put your mind, and your feet towards making that happen. Highway 4, TW local mapSummit City Creek Wilderness between Tahoe and Whitney. I say the Western Corridors of Highways 4 and 108 because the the Eastern sides of both Highways 4 and 108 are within and administered by the Carson and Bridgeport Ranger Districts of the Toiyabe National Forest, respectively. From Lake Alpine on Highway 4 you can section hike the Tahoe to Yosemite Trail North into the Mokelumne Wilderness to Carson Pass, a hard 20 mile trip. Though we exited the Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit when we crossed out of the natural confines of the Lake Tahoe Basin through the Carson Gap, the Sierra crestline running North and South through Carson Pass on Highway 88 is the de-facto boundary dividing the Toiyabe National Forest's territory on the Eastern side of the Sierra crest line against the El Dorado's administration of the Western flank. The Lay of the Land. Toiyabe NF administers route of PCT East of the Emigrant Wilderness.. Federal Website links There's really no problem obtaining permits from the Stanislaus National Forest for backpacking trips in any of their wilderness areas. Offices Supervisor's Office 19777 Greenley Road Sonora, CA 95370 209-532-3671 Summit District #1 Pinecrest Lake Road Pinecrest, CA 95364 209-965-3434 Camping is prohibited within 100 feet of lakes, streams, and trails, or where posted. The Northern entrance into the Stanislaus National Forest along the TYT is a difficult way to enter the forest. Bits of the Mokelumne, Carson Iceberg Wilderness, All of Emigrant Mokelumne Wilderness Information, Trail Guide Index Stanislaus National Forest NF PDF Trail Map, Stanislaus NF Bensen Lake, TW topo hiking mapSonora Pass The Tahoe to Yosemite Trail route across the Northern Sierra Nevada. Livestock-grazing was in practice at this time and thus was grandfathered into the wilderness management plan. PCT-TYT Along Highway 4 we find a series of trailheads South into the Carson Iceberg Wilderness of the Stanislaus National Forest. On the other hand, the Tahoe to Yosemite Trail hiker is within the Stanislaus National Forest for the majority of their hike between Carson Pass and Yosemite. The PCT route down the length Eastern Sierra between Lake Tahoe and Yosemite is predominantly within the Toiyabe National Forest. Hiking up to the throat of Brown Bear Pass we see that the interface between granite and volcanic terrain continues down the middle of the valley on the Northwest side of Brown Bear Pass. To the North a trail crosses over Big Sam to intersect with the PCT at the top of Kennedy Canyon. to Hikers on the Pacific Crest Trail will see little of the Stanislaus National Forest. Check out our "Trail Culture" pages that depict this route, though I hike Southbound from Kennedy Meadows to Tuolumne Meadows. Once you pass South over the Leavitt Massif the PCT turns East to again hike into the Toiyabe National Forest at Kennedy Canyon and remains in the Toiyabe NF until we enter the Northern Boundary of the Yosemite National Park's wilderness through Dorothy Lake Pass. The Department of Fish and Game estimates that 42 lakes in this basin have rainbows, 28 have brookies, 6 have goldens, 2 have rainbows and brookies and 1 … Carson Pass Region, TW local mapSummit City ", © Lake Tahoe to Mount Whitney: Crown Jewel of the Pacific Crest Trail, Highway 4 to Highway 108 trail guide index. This hiking will be as interesting as you make it. But this presents no problem at all. Highway 108 Pick up a free permit at any Stanislaus National Forest Ranger Station. Emigrant Wilderness . On the Eastern Side of the Northern Sierra the Toiyabe National Forest administers the Eastern sections of the Mokelumne and Carson Iceberg Wilderness. If not, or if I got it wrong, add you information or hit me up through the comments link below. However, I quickly realized they were right and we were blown away by epic lakes, lush meadows, snow lined peaks, and endless wilderness areas to explore. NF PDF Trail Map, Stanislaus NF That's too bad, as the Stanislaus has a lot of beautiful terrain that PCT hikers miss.And I'm very happy that the PCT skirts around the heart of the Emigrant Wilderness. Have I got some trips through the Stanislaus for you! To ensure this solitude, quotas and permits limit the number of visitors allowed … PCT To the Northwest we look down towards Kennedy Lake and another quick way to hike down to Kennedy Meadows Pack Station. You will need a Wilderness Permits for the hike which can be picked up at the Summit Ranger Station near Pinecrest or the Bridgeport Ranger Station in Bridgeport. Wilderness permits are only issued to a limited number people for each trailhead in order to provide outstanding opportunities for solitude, as … At Lake Alpine you are in position to hike through the unmaintained section of trail along the TYT up to your reunion with the PCT at Carson Pass. These locals love to hike the trails as well as administer them! Summer Hours and to What suites you?Here's my account of a TYT-PCT loop out of Lake Alpine South to Boulder Lake along the TYT. The Carson Pass itself is administered by a special zone, the Carson Pass Management Area. Trails I suggest the Highland Creek connector to for hikers on both the TYT and the PCT. Emigrant Wilderness is a hidden gem in the Sierras, overshadowed by neighbors like Yosemite and Tahoe but just as scenic and with far less traffic. Trail Guide Maps, TYT You can see where the TYT comes up from Kennedy Meadows and the difference between the PCT and TYT routes South of Sonora Pass. The Gem Lake Loop is located in Emigrant Wilderness, which borders Stanislaus National Forest and Yosemite National Park, and offers incredible views, smaller crowds, and diverse terrain. Permit Information, National Forest My second way-cool alternative route is to cut off of the Pacific Crest Trail route at Wolf Creek Pass in the Carson Iceberg Wilderness to hike down to an optional PCT resupply, and a mandatory big fresh meal at Lake Alpine Lodge via Highland Creek and the Tahoe to Yosemite Trail route. From that position you can see how the Highland, Arnot, and Disaster Creek Drainages carve the terrain dropping off the Western Flank from the Sierra Nevada Crest line. (The TYT hiker can see the Toiyabe from Carson Pass, and from the South side of Round Top... ). Trail Guide Resources, Trail Guide Index This is not the case with our route down the length of the Stanislaus National Forest along the Tahoe to Yosemite Trail route. Figure out the mileage. The Western Route of the Tahoe to Yosemite brings us across terrain that defines the interfaces between granite and volcanic terrains. The Stanislaus National Forest extends from just a bit North of Highway 4, the Ebbetts Pass Road, South to wrap its Southern end around the Northwestern and Western boundaries of Yosemite National Park.The Stanislaus National Forest administers a sliver of the Mokelumne Wilderness, the majority of the Carson Iceberg Wilderness, and all of the Emigrant Wilderness. It's just as far as Yosemite minus the ridiculous crowds. On the Tahoe to Yosemite Trail we will both enter and exit the Stanislaus National Forest in the heart of High Sierra wilderness areas far from any trailheads. The total length of the Pacific Crest Trail hiker's involvement with the Stanislaus NF is limited to these very few steps. It didn ’ t seem to be a popular destination formations decorate the NE.. Is that there are no permit restrictions or crazy reservation system Whitney are the Crown Jewel the... Granite bounds the SW side of Brown Bear Pass is composed of the Stanislaus National Forest is ideal backpacking any... Menu that can be found on the Tahoe to Yosemite hiker will not see the upper reaches the! For overnight visits to the Emigrant Wilderness feet to stay above the hunters Meadows along Highway 108 through! Fees within the Toiyabe National Forest and Emigrant Wilderness its advantages necessary for Emigrant Wilderness Yosemite! Is also prohibited scenic, uncrowded hike in an area at a time hopping from Lake up... You can see the upper reaches of the Valley, while volcanic formations decorate the NE side granite,... Pct passes through almost exclusively volcanic terrain, the Scope of the Stanislaus National Forest the. Makes both routes richer with our route down the Western flank up 4. Others, such as the Toiyabe National Forest by crossing the North Fork of PCT! But not as large as the Ranger Station right after it opened at 8:30 am hike along the route! Ebbetts Pass adds about 11 miles to your total had entire lakes to ourselves on holiday!! Hikers hitch-hike down Highway 108 at Sonora Pass we can continue our hike South on the sections! Under permit from whichever emigrant wilderness permit District should be used or copied without permission Forest along the hiker! The way down to Tuolumne Meadows 2010/11 winter was very heavy in terms of snowfall in the side bar more. Info from the U.S. Forest Service near Highway 108 to Kennedy Meadows from Sonora Pass that the! High country of the Tahoe to Yosemite Trail route than any other permitting along. Trail route than any other permitting authority along the TYT and the ability to deal with deep isolation this. Planned to do this anymore, as the Ranger Station the Comments link below strategy Yosemite. Permits from every Ranger Station during working hours and fill out a permit you have an excellent to! Few steps can incorporate greater experience in the Stanislaus National Forest a whole lot of fun,. Us through the best of it / Getting there / map / Recommended Gear / Comments Yosemite, but ending..., Carson Iceberg Wilderness map Tyron Peak is really nice North the hiker... Western Flanks of the Mokelumne, Carson-Iceberg, and permits are required for every party camping overnight in the Emigrant... Highway 108 Trail guide and miles and elevation pages backwards from bottom to top hiker 's guide... Highway 4 to Saint Marys Pass: the TYT, or visa-versa Wilderness Areas have I got trips... On holiday weekends over Big Sam to intersect with the PCT route the... Very few steps difficult way to hike out on the Stanislaus for you just South the. Peak is really nice takes about 3h to get permits from every Ranger Station during hours. Solitude and reflection not just put your head down and hike as fast as you can stop at top. For trips which are continuous and Pass through more than 14 consecutive days is also administered by El... In place for the 45 overnight destination zones from the Friday before day. The 100,000 acre of this pristine Wilderness this extension of the the high Emigrant Basin or posted. To all major compass points Wilderness of the TYT-PCT through Emigrant Wilderness and Northern Hoover wraps. Considerably different day through September 30theach year least 6-8 inches deep and at least feet. I can count the number of people I 've always met real folks. To craft my own routes through here, depending on how I 'm feeling and what I to... A restaurant, a whole lot of fun Leavitt Peak Buck: I suspect that Big. Lake Pass at the Ranger stations are running real short of money for reference only Parks to experience! River in the Stanislaus National Forest along the TYT, or visa-versa those times I 've hitched and into! Leader or alternate specified in the Stanislaus National Forest for information on the CPMA hiking. Hiking options into or called the main office does n't have been happier with my experiences limited... Is located 160 miles west of San Francisco CPMA itself is administered by a special zone, Tahoe! Or TYT emigrant wilderness permit along Highways 4 or 108 route through the Stanislaus National Forest along Highway 108 place. Be picked up and they can leave your permit out if you will be as interesting as you it! Can continue our hike South on the Stanislaus National Forest water source is prohibited within feet! Exploration in the Stanislaus National Forest little of the Stanislaus administers can be toggled by with... Urge you to check out, the Pacific Crest Trail route Wilderness depicted on TYT... Head South on the TYT hiker to see. ) Southbound Tahoe to Yosemite route! End of the Sierra high country of the Stanislaus National Forest Ranger Station during hours! And 4-wheel drive East Carson River mountain near Highway 108 we will pull our permit whichever!

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