Annual Effort 2010

Information obtained from the annual faculty effort report.  This section focuses on feedback from students in didactic instruction.

From 2010

Top of graph is Strongly Agree with bottom being Strongly Disagree
2010 Teaching

2010 Bar Graph
Instructor Comments:

PHAR 507 Anderson, Bruce An exemplary role model.
PHAR 507 Anderson, Bruce Awesome personality and very engaging.
PHAR 507 Anderson, Bruce Dr. Anderson is very enthusiastic, and he always emphasizes the importance of learning over grades.  He is a very good lecturer, and he tries to engage the class.
PHAR 507 Anderson, Bruce Dr. Anderson presented his information well.  He really impressed upon us the importance of ethics in the field of pharmacy.
PHAR 507 Anderson, Bruce Dr. Anderson really helped dissolve some of the stress of this first semester. His laid back teaching approaching is great.
PHAR 507 Anderson, Bruce Dr. Anderson was great at facilitating discussions and brought a nice sense of humor to the table.
PHAR 507 Anderson, Bruce Dr. Anderson was very clear in the manner in which he presented his materials. He was looking very professional at all times and I could bet that he was in the service (military of some sort) the way he conducts himself at all times.
PHAR 507 Anderson, Bruce Excellent lecturer.  Gave a good introduction to the class and all the alternative pathway presenters.
PHAR 507 Anderson, Bruce Good teacher and very enthusiastic and engaging when interacting with students.
PHAR 507 Anderson, Bruce Grades took a while to be posted.
PHAR 507 Anderson, Bruce Great professor, very organized and replies to our concerns quickly and in a professional  manner. I can’t wait to have him for next semester.
PHAR 507 Anderson, Bruce Great teacher. Dr. Anderson was very easy-going and made everyone feel comfortable.
PHAR 507 Anderson, Bruce He didn’t lecture in the course, so can’t judge.
PHAR 507 Anderson, Bruce He is professional, I can tell!
PHAR 507 Anderson, Bruce He seems very strict and I like the fact that he make us see what to expect in the real world when we get to the field.
PHAR 507 Anderson, Bruce He was very approachable and concerned primarily with the students. He taught the material effectively and organized the class very well.
PHAR 507 Anderson, Bruce I enjoyed having Dr. Anderson as my professor. He was very likable and approachable. He seemed to fix any of our problems well.
PHAR 507 Anderson, Bruce I felt that Dr. Anderson was not approachable initially, but this view changed during the professionalism presentations.  maybe the initial thoughts were due to the high level of anxiety which developed during the orientation.
PHAR 507 Anderson, Bruce I liked how Dr. Anderson gave his background and talked about the Poison Control Center.  Thanks for coming down to Shady Grove for the presentations.
PHAR 507 Anderson, Bruce I loved Dr Anderson’s positive attitude
PHAR 507 Anderson, Bruce I really liked Dr. Anderson. When he came down to Shady Grove, he was extremely pleasant and seemed to be extremely knowledgable in the field.
PHAR 507 Anderson, Bruce Professor Anderson is such a good professor that always lead us to think.
PHAR 507 Anderson, Bruce Very approachable and a wonderful teacher.
PHAR 507 Anderson, Bruce very good teacher.
PHAR 550 Anderson, Bruce Did not lecture for PPT5
PHAR 550 Anderson, Bruce Dr. Anderson did a great job during his lecture. The best part was using the cases at the end of the lecture to reinforce the material that he presented.
PHAR 550 Anderson, Bruce Dr. Anderson is an excellent professor. The way he explains the concepts is great. He gives good amount of descriptive material to study, which is the best thing. I appreciate that he posts a presentation and a word document handout, both really helps. I hope to learnt from him more.
PHAR 550 Anderson, Bruce Dr. Anderson seems like a very nice professor but sometimes it felt that his lecture material was presented in a little bit of a rambling manner which made it difficult to follow.
PHAR 550 Anderson, Bruce Dr. Anderson’s prerecorded lectures on Adobe Captivate were very frustrating to watch.  If the information is important enough to be required it should be included in the PP&T schedule and recorded live.  Captivate lectures are always incredibly hard to stay focused on (from other lecturers too).
PHAR 550 Anderson, Bruce He knows his material very well. The ppt and notes were very easy to follow his lectures. Thanks, Dr. Anderson.
PHAR 550 Anderson, Bruce His prerecorded lectures on BB were interesting.
PHAR 550 Anderson, Bruce I liked how Dr. Anderson provided a much detailed Word document for students to follow during his lecture. Instead of students having to quickly scribble notes, we can actually focus our attention on the professor. I also like how he included case examples to enhance our learning.
PHAR 550 Anderson, Bruce It would have been helpful if you posted the cases that you went over during your lecture in Blackboard so that we would be able to refer back to them while studying. Also, you posted a lecture for us to watch online prior to your in-class lecture. I thought that was fine, but I was annoyed that you waited until you were in class to mention which parts to focus on. That could have easily been posted in Blackboard, and by not giving us that information earlier, you are catering to the slackers who didn’t watch the lecture ahead of time like they were supposed to.
PHAR 550 Anderson, Bruce Materials were very well organized within the lecture.
PHAR 550 Anderson, Bruce Talks way too fast. Too much pre-lecture material and did not effectively let us know about it.
PHAR 550 Anderson, Bruce Very knowledgeable and approachable with respect to students questions.  Thank you!
PHMY 541 Anderson, Bruce Dr. Anderson is super knowledgeable and a great professor!
PHMY 541 Anderson, Bruce Patient, informative, very willing to help.
PHMY 541 Anderson, Bruce Very receptive to students.  Discussed activites with student to ensure they learned from the experience.

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