Annual Effort 2011

Information obtained from the annual faculty effort report.  This section focuses on feedback from students in didactic instruction.

From 2011

Top of graph is Strongly Agree with bottom being Strongly Disagree
2011 Teaching

Instructor Comments:

Anderson, Bruce PHAR 560 awesome.
Anderson, Bruce PHAR 560 Bruce Anderson always does a great job in his lectures. His laid-back style makes a good environment in which to learn.
Anderson, Bruce PHAR 560 Dr Anderson teaches his lectures in a way where it is beneficial to come to class and interact.
Anderson, Bruce PHAR 560 Dr. Anderson is awesome.  I really enjoyed his lectures!
Anderson, Bruce PHAR 560 Dr. Anderson spoke clearly, has a good sense of humor, and wrote excellent test questions that addressed exactly what was emphasized in class.  It was all smooth sailing.
Anderson, Bruce PHAR 560 Dr. Anderson’s lectures are informative and also hilarious.  He has a good sense of humor.
Anderson, Bruce PHAR 560 Entertaining and clear in presenting his material
Anderson, Bruce PHAR 560 Great lectures!! They are always interesting and Dr. Anderson keeps the students engaged in the lecture
Anderson, Bruce PHAR 560 He makes things so interesting that encourages me to learn. He is awesome.
Anderson, Bruce PHAR 560 He’s great!
Anderson, Bruce PHAR 560 His lectures were well organized and his explanations were very clear. It was cool how he brought in some materials for our toxicology lecture to help demonstrate how certain treatment options work.
Anderson, Bruce PHAR 560 I enjoyed Dr. Anderson’s intro to our sedative hypnotics lecture by playing a Rolling Stones song and quoting pop culture.  It gave an interesting spin to the class, he is very engaging.
Anderson, Bruce PHAR 560 I just wanted to thank you for being lively and enthusiastic about your lecture topics and including material in your lecture that is not the repetitive graphs and excerpts from research papers that we are constantly bombarded with (i.e. Mother’s Little Helper and guidelines on what to do at a rave). P.S. I understand we need those graphs and research papers it’s just nice to deviate every once in a while.
Anderson, Bruce PHAR 560 I like Dr. Anderson’s lectures, although at times I felt like his exam questions were trying to be tricky rather than actaully applying the material.
Anderson, Bruce PHAR 560 I like his lectures overall.
Anderson, Bruce PHAR 560 I like how you taught abusive drugs- different perspectives from other professors.
Anderson, Bruce PHAR 560 I like your lectures because you include stories that make it easier to pay attention.
Anderson, Bruce PHAR 560 Made lecture interesting to watch!
Anderson, Bruce PHAR 560 One can tell that Dr. Anderson has a true passion for what he does, it comes through in his presentation and he does try to engage the students in the discussion, which I very much appreciated.
Anderson, Bruce PHAR 560 Organized slides that were easy to follow.  Interactive during lecture and encouraged students to ask questions.  Gave cases or examples to stress important information.  Exam questions were straightforward and fair.
Anderson, Bruce PHAR 560 Overall, he’s a good teacher. One problem happened when he wrote his questions in the exam, he did not put things in a sequence so we misunderstood him. Hope that next time he takes this into his consideration.
Anderson, Bruce PHAR 560 really enjoyed his lectures! he teaches with a lot of enthusiasm and makes things easy to understand
Anderson, Bruce PHAR 560 Very witty and knowlegdable. Makes sure we understand what is the most important for keeping our patients safe in the real world. Relates well to the students. Great lecturer.
Anderson, Bruce PHAR 560 We already had this lecture last year so I feel like it could be replaced with another lecture
Anderson, Bruce PHMY 592 very knowledgeable. great presentations.
Anderson, Bruce PHMY 592 He is a skilled instructor and engaging lecturer.




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