Annual Effort 2012

Information obtained from the annual faculty effort report.  This section focuses on feedback from students in didactic instruction.

From 2012

2012 Teaching

Course# CourseName Dept Faculty SA A D SD n=
PHAR 551 PATH PHARM AND THERAPEUTICS 6 PPS Anderson, Bruce 24 62 10 2 98
PHAR 507 PROF ETHICS AND PHARM PRACTICE PPS Anderson, Bruce 60 56 3 0 119
PHMY 541 INTRODUCTION POISON CENTER PPS Anderson, Bruce 5 9 0 0 14




PHAR 507 Too much fluff and discussion, not enough core information.
PHAR 507 Dr. Anderson’s teaching style is excellent.  The class material on blackboard needs a lot of work.  It does matter how things are posted on blackboard.  None of my classmates are lazy.  We were genuinely confused at times on what the expectations of this class were.  It should not be this way.  this should be the most fun course in the curriculum.  The BaFa BaFa and other activities were genuinely wonderful.  Please fix this way the blackboard is organized for the poor students who have this class next year.
PHAR 507 Dr. Anderson really stepped up in not only teaching his own material, but talking to students about other topics when there were last minute cancellations from guest speakers. It is refreshing to see a professor with that much dedication.
PHAR 507 Dr. Anderson brought valuable personal experience into the course and tried to make topics relatable to real-life practice.
PHAR 507 Dr. Anderson was one of my favorite professors I had this semester.
PHAR 507 Dr. Anderson is an overall good lecturer who knows how to keep his students engaged during his presentations.
PHAR 507 I really enjoyed Dr. Anderson’s lectures.
PHAR 507 Dr. Anderson was friendly and competent. I feel like he’s an excellent lecturer but needs to do a better job ensuring that guest lecturers actually attend next year.
PHAR 507 Dr. Anderson was very approachable and clear about what he wanted us to learn.
PHAR 507 Dr. Anderson presented everything clearly and concisely. He was always willing to answer questions. He was a great professor.
PHAR 507 Great extemporaneous lecturer!
PHAR 507 At first I feel like the disease state section was useless and annoying, but I realized that Dr. Anderson took his time and listened to our presentation very carefully and gave us valuble opinions.  Overall, it was good.
PHAR 507 He explained his course material in a clear and concise manner.
PHAR 507 Your lectures on the first day of class and on the future of pharmacy were interesting and you definitely tried to keep the class engaged.  However, I recall on the first day of class, you mentioned that we shouldn’t worry too much about quizzes because (paraphrase): If we do what were supposed to, we’ll do fine on the quizzes.  This totally misled the entire class. Luckily I ignored your advice and studied extremely hard for each quiz, but I still felt the quizzes were fairly hard.  Please don’t lure us into a false sense of security.  In fact, next year, I suggest just saying “Study as much as you can for the quizzes, you’ll need to”. Also, I feel that at times, the grades for this course took way too long to be posted.  However, I do not know if they was in part because of the TA or some exams/quizzes just took a while to grade.  Also, please post/email the quiz average – it would be nice to know how we do in comparison to others – or at least how we are doing in the class relative to others.  This was one of the few classes that we were never informed of the averages on quizzes/presentations.
PHAR 507 Dr. Anderson is a great teacher and a very nice man. He emphasizes the duties of pharmacists and encourages us to BE professional as opposed to simply acting professionally.
PHAR 507 He talks clearly and delivered the material efficiently. His practical situation examples really helped me to understand this profession.
PHAR 507 He was alright.
PHAR 507 Fantastic job.
PHAR 507 His lectures were encouraging and helped us get a good introduction to pharmacy school. I’m really glad this this was my first lecture. He also used a lot of helpful examples to make us understand the concepts he talked about.
PHAR 507 Dr. Anderson genuinely cares and is very passionate about teaching and pharmacy as his professions.  I felt the course could have been a little better organized but overall a good course.
PHAR 507 Dr. Anderson’s lectures were very informative but his quizzes did not truly reflect what we learned.  The first quiz consisted of only 12 questions and missing 2 would automatically put one in the “B” range.  The questions were not straightforward and were easily misinterpreted.  The right answers to some of his quiz questions were subjective so it wasn’t hard to get them wrong.  On several occasions, we were not informed beforehand about a change in the lecturer’s or guest speakers’ schedule until after the fact when students have been waiting for the lecturer to show up.  I did enjoy working on the group projects that he assigned.  Each topic was very informative and I learned a lot from them.
PHAR 507 Very inarticulate and professional professor.
PHAR 507 I bellieve Dr Anderson tried his best to cover his part and even for so much missed lecture becoase of other professors missing lecture time.
PHAR 507 He always supports class overall and explains what I couldn’t understand when I ask about it. Thank you! professor. Anderson!
PHAR 551 Dr. Anderson is great! He really takes time to explain the information and break it down for us. Thanks!
PHAR 551 Dr. Anderson’s lecture material was helpful and meaningful to our over all education and good for future knowledge how ever he was only given 2 lecture hours and he gave almost 4 hours of lectures if not more because of pre-recorded lectures. This information was great to learn but in the midst of our busy second year watching and studying additional material to what was scheduled is difficult to do.
PHAR 551 It is not okay for a professor to expect us to watch 5 pre lectures much of which was an advertisement for the poison center before get got to the relevant material. If he wants to teach that material, schedule an extra class then.
PHAR 551 I would place the required videos on mediasite or use the same format as Haines did.
PHAR 551 Please include time for more than one lecture. It was not helpful watching the videos on blackboard then watching your lecture on cases. Perhaps have a case discussion for that? I ended up getting confused about which lectures to watch since they were uploaded at different times without notifying the students.
PHAR 551 Good professor
PHAR 551 Consolidate documents for leaning simplicity
PHAR 551 Dr. Anderson informed the students that he would be unable to teach one class and that we should watch the lecture from last year. However, he also posted multiple other lectures for the students to do as “background reading.” In the future, please just schedule an additional class and teach the students this material in person.
PHAR 551 I feel more time should have been given to you. Because of Hurricane Sandy, we had to watch mediasite instead of 2 live lectures. I feel that two live lectures would have been better.
PHAR 551 Its not fair to cover 2 or 3 hours worth of lecture material in 1 hour and expect us to know it for the exam!
PHAR 551 Would’ve appreciated it if he fit all his material into the allotted lecture time instead of having extra materials to watch.
PHAR 551 please better organize your things on blackboard in a more uniform style. many of us were confused on what was expected because many things were posted but very unorganized. also, please record your videos in a different format
PHAR 551 I think that there should be more than 2 lectures that include the 5 mini lectures because the mini lectures turned out to be ask much work and time as a lecture and should be be used as resources before a lecture/preparation for a lecture.
PHAR 551 He was given two hours to lecture; however, expected students to attend/watch four hours.  I am ok watching more lectures but it should be reflected in the course schedule.
PHAR 551 I like the way he speaks slowly and make things clear.
PHAR 551 I think that having so much of the material just done through prerecorded lectures on Blackboard was not very helpful. I would have rather he lectured on the poison center and cardiac toxicities in person and incorporated the cases into the lectures, rather than just having the in person lectures on cases only.
PHAR 551 I wished that his lecture materials were better organized and his explanations were clearer in the beginning because I had hard time gathering the materials for his lectures.
PHAR 551 Although he covered his information in detail, it was unfair to have to watch multiple lectures and videos to get background for his topic.  He only had 2 lecture hours but we were expected to learn so much more without him ever teaching it to us.  His posted slides differed from the uploaded videos so it was a little confusing to know which was the most updated.
PHAR 551 While the material was well organized, I didn’t feel that Dr. Anderson fully described the information for students to understand. It was as if he threw a ton of information at students in the hope of it sticking.


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