Annual Effort 2013

Information obtained from the annual faculty effort report.  This section focuses on feedback from students in didactic instruction.

Written Student Evaluations and Letters

From 2013

2013 Teaching

Dept Name Course# SA A D SD UC Count Your Avg All Fac Avg
PPS Anderson, Bruce PHAR 507 61 66 6 3 3 139 3.36 3.35
PPS Anderson, Bruce PHAR 551 27 48 1 3 3 82 3.25 3.30
PPS Anderson, Bruce PHMY 541 4 2 0 0 1 7 3.67 3.67
PPS Anderson, Bruce Total 92 116 7 6 7 228 3.33 3.34


Comments for this Instructor:

PHAR 507 Amazing lecturer. He is one of my favorite professors. He presents the dry material in a very interesting way and keeps you engaged with full attention. He has a very nice style in presenting. I wish we had more lectures from him because they were simply the best.
PHAR 507 Dr. Anderson did not reply to emails in a timely fashion which was very frustrating. I also know that Dr. Andersen was willing to raise the grade of a student to an A if that student was willing to throw the rest of his group under the bus by saying he did more work than the rest of the group. This kind of proposal seems very underhanded and unfair to me. I don’t understand how you could ask a student to do such a thing and then lower the grade of the rest of the group without even informing them. The fact that this is an Ethics class just makes the whole situation very ironic to me.
PHAR 507 Dr. Anderson either was absent or did not ensure that the approriate lecturer was going to attend lecture. There were over three times that class just didn’t happen because students showed up and no lecturer did. However, when Dr. Anderson lectured. He was very effective and engaging.
PHAR 507 Dr. Anderson is a very amiable professor, but he could try to refrain from going off on tangents.
PHAR 507 Dr. Anderson is extremely fair.  I think he is a great professor with an awesome attitude
PHAR 507 Dr. Anderson seems passionate about the field of pharmacy. It was a pleasure to learn from him. I personally acquired a lot of knowledge about the field of pharmacy and it will definitely help me develop as a future pharmacist.
PHAR 507 Dr. Anderson was a very engaging lecturer.
PHAR 507 Dr. Anderson was enthusiastic about the lectures that he gave making them more interesting to listen to.
PHAR 507 Dr. Anderson was fun and gave good lectures.
PHAR 507 Dr. Anderson was great at emphasizing major points that we need to remember not just for exams but as future pharmacists.
PHAR 507 Dr. Anderson was really a joy to have in class. He explained the material in a very enthusiastic and clear way. He made the students really understand the material.
PHAR 507 Dr. Anderson was very helpful and approachable. I did like the disease state project, but it was hard to work in such large teams for that assignment. I like how he brought in practicing pharmacists to talk with us. It was so interesting to see what we could do with our degree. I didn’t realize how many options we had.
PHAR 507 Dr. Anderson was very welcoming from the first day of classes to the last.  Very friendly and always smiling.  Gave lots of tips and advice not just on the course material, but also on how to be a good pharmacist and student in general.
PHAR 507 Dr. Anderson’s lectures were interesting. And he responded to students quickly.
PHAR 507 excellent lecturer
PHAR 507 Extremely helpful
PHAR 507 good lecturer. gave .5% off our group project because not all the fonts on each slide were the correct format. However, I don’t member any mention that all fonts throughout the presentation needed to be in the same format. There were different fonts because different members of the group contributed to different slides. he also took off TWO percentage points for not having all of the references in the correct format. What was frustrating about this, was that there were multiple sites that instructed on the format for references. apparently my group chose the wrong format I suppose. However, I don’t think our group needed to suffer 10% on our project’s grade for the FORMAT OF OUR REFERENCES, when the most important part of the project was really collaborating with our group members and understanding our disease state to the best of our ability. Lastly, it was also frustrating that the person that was in charge of the formatting of our references told our group that this student had emailed Dr. Anderson twice to look over our references to see if they correct (because he had said that he could look over them for us to see if they were correct). He never replied to either of those emails.
PHAR 507 Great job!
PHAR 507 Great professor and very knowledgeable about his topics.
PHAR 507 great! very clear and has a great sense of hummor
PHAR 507 He clearly stated the objective of this course and what students should expect ounce completed this course
PHAR 507 he did an awesome job during the group projects and coming to class even when he is not lecturing
PHAR 507 He is a good lecturer.
PHAR 507 He is a great lecturer, and I enjoyed coming to his lectures but there were 3 occasions in which the speaker or Dr. Anderson himself did not show up to class. It is very unprofessional to schedule a class, that students make the effort to attend, and find the professor did not show up. I was very frustrated to have wasted my time waiting in the classroom when I could have been doing other productive activities.
PHAR 507 He is an expert in the field
PHAR 507 He missed classes and was late to class numerous times.
PHAR 507 His lectures were informative, properly structured, and easy to follow.
PHAR 507 His lectures were very clear and straight forward.
PHAR 507 I enjoyed Dr. Anderson, he made the material very interesting and I looked forward for his lectures.
PHAR 507 I hope that Dr. Anderson would not cancel meeting when guest speakers do not show up.  I believe it is his responsibility to follow up with speakers and to make sure that they will show up. Students were unhappy because they had to show up to school that day and lecture was cancelled because the speaker did not come within 15 minutes of lecture. This happened way too many times.  Too many apology e-mails from Dr. Anderson. As a result, many students stopped showing up to class. This discouraged our learning.
PHAR 507 I know that Dr. Anderson is very approachable in person, but his emails sound very intimidating, angry and uncompromising.
PHAR 507 I liked the history portion of the class. This gave me more appreciation of where the profession has been and where it will likely go.
PHAR 507 I love the way he teaches. Very clear and effective
PHAR 507 I think some of the exam questions were questionable in various aspects. Although some questions have the right answers such as questions related to history or theories, the ethical questions may have the BEST answer to some people but we don’t always think same. If we are to learn the ethical dilemma or some ethics around pharmacy role, we can do assignments, class activities or discussions to learn about them but I don’t know how we can be graded on those topics. The folders in the Blackboard isn’t organized well and I hope someone can clearly state which lectures were missed or going to be missed via email or blackboard. Dates should be on the files /lectures since we have various professors.
PHAR 507 Lectures were fluid and easy to understand with good explanations
PHAR 507 Passionate and clear
PHAR 507 Teaches well
PHAR 507 Thank you for teaching this series of lectures they where very interesting.
PHAR 507 Very enthusiastic lecturer. Grades subjectively.
PHAR 507 very good
PHAR 507 Very helpful and very kind professor.  Always sending us emails to make sure everything is in order in our class.  Always presented lectures in a fun and interesting way.
PHAR 507 Was extremely helpful but needs to make sure the assigned professor for a class actually shows up to the class!
PHAR 507 Went off-topic at times
PHAR 507 Your lectures are very well organized and clear with regard to objectives.
PHAR 551 Agree somewhat. Dr. Anderson was quite comprehensive in the amount of information he provided only given two lectures. Cutting some of this down to a more reasonable amount for two lecture hours may benefit students.
PHAR 551 Dr. Anderson’s lectures are very interesting and clear.
PHAR 551 His cases were extremely helpful to apply the material and definitely helped prepare me well for the exam.
PHAR 551 His lecture was clear.
PHAR 551 His lectures were mostly about content but did not cover many example cases with definitive answers, which was the majority of his portion on the exam.
PHAR 551 I thought the first lecture on the poisoned patient was really out of place – it seemed like an advertisement for the poison center.  While I did appreciate the information and find to be probably useful in the future, I didn’t find it too appropriate for this section. Test questions were for the most part fair (despite what other people may say). However, you did put a lot of emphasis on memorizing the antidotes and I was slightly disappointed that no question on antidotes was posed.
PHAR 551 Lively and memorable presentation. Perfect pacing and volume of material. Thank you!
PHAR 551 Orderly material…test questions were kind of tricky.  I am not sure the material was presented in a level to pick out the best regimen from a list of choices that did not contain the first add on drug Atropine but the material presentation was done well and I learned a great deal.
PHAR 551 So much note and so much info
PHAR 551 Your exam questions were a bit confusing.  I appreciate your passion though.
PHMY 541 He did a good job of managing the course. However, he could be a little more prompt in approving the cases in the future.
PHMY 541 The online lectures were very helpful and he would often ask questions for us to think about even though the lectures were prerecorded. I also liked how he asked all of us questions during the presentations to add to our knowledge and the class’s knowledge.


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