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I started developing video based educational materials in ~2003.  At this time, it was challenging to get audio to synch properly with PowerPoint presentations due to the limitations of available software.  However, video seemed like an opportunity to provide students with more information than what could be provided by the experience of one in class presentation.  I’d hope that the ability to review content would allow students to retain more information and learn the content more clearly.

I have created several different modules since that time.  The material has evolved and expanded. I started using a basic web cam in my office, then moved to a modest video camera, and eventually learned more about creating video and what was needed to more professional results.  I built fluorescent lights from materials found at Home Depot (the stands are made out of PVC pipe and the light fixtures are those typically used to light laundry rooms or shop areas) to properly light the green screen, purchased better quality microphones to get better quality sound, built additional external hard drives to store the content, etc.   I was able to use an unused office to create a very small and very modest “studio” for recording.  Unfortunately, the development process was not linear.  These activities were done in and around my administrative and teaching responsibilities.  I think I was the only person in the school at the time that explored digital video content delivery.  There were a number of technical hurdles to overcome in addition to simply learning how to use the various tools as well as learning how to teach when the audience is not in the room with you.  It’s a very different experience!

Applications/Examples of Impact:

Aynsley Hamel was a staff member in the PPS department who was scheduled to provide a presentation for a PPS meeting on teaching.  Unfortunately, she had to undergo emergent surgery and was unable to attend the scheduled meeting.  I worked with her to quickly record this video so she could present her information even though she could not physically be present (~2005)

Mona Tsoukleris, PharmD, BCPS used the video studio to develop teaching tools for asthma patients to learn how to use their inhalers.

Mona peakflow healthscan

Mona MDI Optihaler

Mona MDI

Mona Diskus

Elora Hilmas, PharmD, BCPS, recorded content on pediatric chemical preparedness.

I’ve worked with Dr. Lee and Dr. Hyuhn to create video materials that were/are used in PHAR516-PHAR 502 on plagiarism and drug information for incoming pharmacy students. Donna Huynh, PharmD, created content on plagiarism for PHAR 507.


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